We build solid responsive websites & custom‑made web applications


Basic websites

We develop responsive websites; websites that render well on a variety of devices or windows and screen sizes. Our websites comply with web standards so they are better indexed by search engines and rank higher in search results. As a base, we often use WordPress, the most popular content management system (CMS).

WordPress themes

We convert graphic designs into WordPress themes, creating a custom-made CMS based on WordPress. Designs can be supplied as Photoshop files among other formats. From the beginning of the process, we collaborate with designers about the possibilities and challenges.

Web applications

For more complex questions we develop custom-made web applications in the PHP framework Laravel. The starting point is: what do you want to achieve? Often the question behind the question matters most. In our consultation, together we determine the best solution. We build the web applications so that they are user-friendly and scalable.

Service & maintenance

The product is finished and works as desired. However, practice is subject to change, and technology is evolving. We strive for up-to-date websites and sustainable cooperation. This means, among other things, that we install software updates and advise on developments regarding which adjustments are needed.

Online research

We program online questionnaires, conduct the survey and provide the answers in well-arranged charts and tables. We have knowledge of research techniques and help perfect the questions and the answer categories.

Invoicing & SEPA

Invoicing support is available for schools, clubs and charities that do not often invoice or are too small for an expensive accounting program. For example, we create invoices based on an Excel file. We then email them to debtors and create a SEPA file for direct debit.

Mailing lists

In consultation with the customer or the designer, we send mailings that closely match the corporate identity. Content can be supplied as Word and image files. We convert it into a mailing and send it via Mailchimp to specified addresses.

Advice & support

We provide advice on, for example, hosting, and offer support with WordPress and custom-made web applications.

User friendly, custom-made, digital solutions


Ronald Beilsma

Has been programming since the age of 12. After studying sociology at Utrecht University (the Netherlands), founded his own company in 2003, named Aquariuz. Because of relocation to Estonia, the world’s most advanced digital nation, the name has been changed to Beilsma web development.

Core values

Good cooperation contributes to an even better product. Working for, but certainly also with customers, is therefore pivotal. You will find this reflected in a committed attitude, a personal, no-nonsense approach, and collaborating with the client.

In a digital world, distance is relative

Thanks to the internet we can work almost anywhere in the world while at the same time be close to our customers via email, video call and WhatsApp. Customers regularly indicate that they don’t notice the distance.


“We like to work with Ronald because he delivers quality. With an eye for detail and proportion, he knows how to quickly convert our design into a website that both we and our customers are proud of.”
José BarisMember Since
“Creating a website that can be viewed in text as well as in sign language, requires an eye for structure. Ronald helped us exceptionally well and built a website that has already lasted for years.”
Margot BouwensBouwens Tekst
“We have been using Ronald’s services for more than 20 years already. His accuracy is of great importance for the privacy-sensitive data that we work with.”
Jurgen HaasHaas & Lescaut


Beilsma web development is based in Tallinn, Estonia.
Do you want to know what we can do for you or do you want to receive a quote? Send us an email via hello@beilsma.eu or use the contact form.